Featuring: Bishop Angus, Ian Levine and Mark Winters
December 31, 2020 | 19 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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Scouts Ian and Mark are learning a valuable skill in the wilderness: navigation by compass. Taught to use the tool by Scoutmaster Angus, the scouts are tasked with the selection of a suitable campsite. It needs to be flat enough to accommodate a tent but graded enough to allow water to disperse in case it rains. It also needs to be sheltered enough from potential wind and situated so it’s not going to be inundated by runoff from surrounding elevation. A lot goes into planning a successful campsite and Scoutmaster Angus is near at hand to monitor the boys’ progress, grade their success, and perhaps most importantly, guide them with a strong but gentle touch.

Scoutmaster Angus maintains close contact with a large hand on each of their small buttocks while they bend to clear the campsite of debris. As much as it is a reward for their progress, a kiss from their bearded mentor is also a tease for their young libidos. With the task complete, the scoutmaster invites the boys back to his tent. During the trek, Ian carries on toward his goal while young Mark is waylaid by their leader. The boy couldn’t keep his eyes off his scoutmaster’s crotch all day, which had not gone unnoticed. The handsome scoutmaster bends his young adoring scout against a tree for an oral exploration of the boy’s anus. Angus loves hearing Mark whimper as he pushes his tongue into the young boy’s tight sphincter. The sound of the boy’s soft and trembling moans is a huge turn on, and Angus quickly finds himself needing to release his girthy erection from the confines of his form-fitting uniform pants.

When his scoutmaster ...[Read more]

When his scoutmaster suddenly withdraws his tongue and stands up, Mark feels desperate for this activity to continue. He badly wants Angus to continue playing with his body, and is thrilled when he feels the massive head of his scoutmaster’s cock nudge his boyhole. Driven by desire, the boy lifts his little rump, arches his back and begins pushing back onto the head of Angus’ swollen member. Angus loves seeing the expression on a boy’s face as he pushes into his tiny rectum, slowly stretching a boy open with just the head of his cock. While warming up his little companion, he slowly pushes an inch or two of his incredibly thick cock into the scout’s smaller body, causing him to make the cutest little sounds. When he senses the boy was ready he slowly pushes his girthy manhood all the way into his young companion, bottoming out with his huge testicles resting on the boy’s smooth taint.

Once the boy is warmed up, Angus grabs the boy’s tiny waist and thrusts into him over and over with long powerful strokes. Copulation between males has been part of scouting tradition from the start, with many scouts and their leaders enjoying their bodies in nature. Scouts fortunate enough to endear themselves to Scoutmaster Angus have enjoyed the man’s attention, his friendship, and, when things have turned sexual, his patient guidance. Of course, patience and a gentle touch only seem practical given that the scoutmaster sports an endowment with the circumference thicker than a soda can.

The sounds of Mark’s whimpers are almost enough to push Angus over the edge. Again and again he pushes into the boy’s backside and relishes the dual sensations of hearing the boy panting and feeling the boy’s little hole tightly squeeze the full length of his cock. But while Angus is enjoying Scout Mark’s rectum wrapped around his cock, his other scout, Ian, has recently found himself alone on the trail. Ian suspects he knows what has happened to the other two, and a combination of excitement and hormones has him excited as he hunts for his companions. He finds them in the act of coitus,exactly as he suspected. And he is quick to let Scoutmaster Angus know he hopes to join in on the fun.

The prospect of plowing both boys back and forth is all the encouragement Scoutmaster Angus needs. Guiding the boys to his scoutmaster’s tent, Scoutmaster Angus observes their eagerness as they remove one another’s clothes. No encouragement is needed to get the boys kissing each other and him. Stripped completely out of their uniforms, Angus once again mounts Mark to continue where he left off. Excited to see the boy skewered from both ends, he directs Ian to feed Mark his penis while he continues plowing the boy. Guessing Mark is close to orgasm, the scoutmaster has the boys switch places. And now it's Ian’s turn to demonstrate that he can accommodate a penis at both ends with genuine enthusiasm.

Stacking the boys on top of each other, Scoutmaster Angus takes a moment to admire their tiny pink holes arranged in what he calls “chariot position.” Unable to resist, he takes turns mounting the boys one after the other, working each boy with his broad shaft. For nearly an hour the scoutmaster’s tent is filled with the sounds of his manly grunts and the boyish moans. Angus has Mark flip on his back to take his member deeper for a short time, before unloading healthy ropes of semen on the boy’s abdomen and genitals. Happy to engage with their healthy curiosity, Angus answers questions the boys have about ejaculate, and does so while using it as a lubricant to enter the anus of each boy in turn, setting the stage for the trio to start having fun all over again.


Scoutmaster Angus has an eye for boys who will perform well as Elite Scouts. That's why he's always there to give them a helping hand, a word of advice, or a firm command. These young men arrive thinking they understand what scouting is all about, and it's his job, the job of a scoutmaster in The Order of Elite Scouts to take them beyond what they've previously done. He must train them for more. And everyone agrees, when it comes to taking young boys in hand, no one is better than this scoutmaster. He loves being a father figure to many of the young scouts he works with each year, hoping they know that they can come to him for any reason. With his big, furry chest, beard with hints of salt and pepper, and massive muscular frame, he's often seen as a big muscly teddy bear. And while he's happy to pat their butts as they achieve new awards, most of them can't help but wish for more. Indeed neither can he.

Played by Bishop Angus

Ian is shy socially, but has never been one to shy away from a challenge, especially a physical one. In fact, he often sets the example for other boys his age. This is what brought him to the attention of the Elite Scouts. Ian’s actions set an example for other boys his age even before joining cub scouts. His mischievous smile belies a true motivation for service and obedience, and he is exactly the kind of material his new leaders have been looking to add to the ranks of respectful, well-trained, and responsible boys. And his perfect little bubble butt hasn’t escaped the notice of the older men who will guide the boy in the more intimate details of serving his fellow man, not just in deed but in all aspects of healthy physical development.

Played by Ian Levine

When Mark first joined the scouts, he was looking for a sense of community and a father figure. He happily found both, and it wasn’t long before his dedication to his tasks attracted the attention of the men in charge of the Elite Scouts, who were impressed with such an eager boy. Now that he’s at the Ranch after years of hearing the stories, he’s just as determined to show these handsome older men that he deserves to be there. He taken the oath and made the pledge to the Elite Scouts that he’ll always serve and obey in a way that proves he deserves to be admired and valued for what he brings to every situation, no matter how big or small—and he couldn’t be happier to prove his devotion to The Order of Elite Scouts over and over again.

Played by Mark Winters
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