Featuring: Jack Bailey, Lance Charger and Troye Jacobs
June 02, 2022 | 19 mins | HD 1080p | 25 photos

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It can get quite difficult to find a few minutes of alone time when you’re in the great outdoors looking after a few dozen over-excited boy scouts! There’s next-to-no privacy on the camp site and always someone yelling your name or sticking their head into your tent without any kind of warning.

The trouble is, there’s something in the soft, country air which seems to make me horny all the time. And it’s obviously impossible to vanish into a bedroom for a quick knuckle-shuffle every time you get a raging boner. And even with access to horny boys and Scoutmasters, sometimes there's no time for anything more. And when your balls start filling up with spunk, all you can think about is releasing!

When it all ...[Read more]

When it all gets too much, I like to wander off into the woods for what is usually a pretty routine jack-off session. It scratches an itch and resets my brain for a while!

The last time I took myself away from base camp for a bit of “me” time, I was literally about to blow my load when I heard a lot of rustling in the trees behind me. Somewhat shocked, I turned around to discover a couple of the scouts making out.

I was initially mortified. I mean, it’s really not cool to get yourself caught by two of your boys with your pants around your ankles and a rock hard dick in your right hand, even if they’re out there for similar nefarious reasons! I was quite relieved, therefore, when I realized that one of the boys was Troye…

Troye and I have a bit of history together. He’s no stranger to my hard cock, and I’m no stranger to his. And as I watched, he looked pretty damned hot with his tongue rammed halfway down his friend Jack’s throat!

I made no attempt to hide my hard-on as I walked across to them. And it was clear from the look on their faces, they were happy to invite their horny Scoutmaster into their makeout session.

I was instantly impressed by Jack. That boy’s as cute as a button, with great skin and a beautiful smile. And man does he know how to please a daddy like me!

The two boys were on their knees in seconds, taking turns working their soft lips over my raging, hard meat. And to my luck, it turns out that both of them had figured out how to deepthroat dick! I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in their tent as they worked that stuff out!

Minutes later, I had Troye working my dick as Jack had his hungry tongue deep in my hairy hole! The sensation was magnificent! Both of them were fully dressed in their scout uniforms and, by then, I was pretty much naked. It ought to have made me feel pretty exposed, but under the speckled light of the sun through the trees, sandwiched between two dutiful scouts, I’d simply turned into a cum-hungry slut who couldn’t get enough!

I stood them both up and the horny little bastards were tenting like crazy in their shorts, desperate to sink their impressive dicks into something warm and wet. I got busy pretty damn quick, kneeling down and sucking them in turn, making them gasp and groan with lust-fuelled excitement.

I jumped to my feet again, pushed Jack to his knees and fed my twitching dick deep into his mouth, leaning against a tree and presenting my big, muscular ass to Troye, whose cock was looking like it was about to explode!

The boy wasted no time at all and instantly pushed his bare, 8-inch weapon into my spit-filled hole!

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little surprised by how much of a working over he gave me. He certainly seemed to know exactly what to do with his massive dick… and it's been a while since I felt anything that big thrusting in and out of me! Meanwhile, my own dick was dripping huge quantities of pre-cum into Jack’s tight little throat!

Troye seemed to be pounding me faster and harder with every thrust and all I was able to do was make appreciative grunting sounds, willing both of them to carry on doing just exactly what they were doing for as long as humanly possible, knowing that I was getting closer and closer to busting my nut…


Scout Jack Bailey is not a boy that is the best at making a good first impression. Despite having a killer all-American boy smile that could charm just about anyone who saw it, the boy was too timid for his own good. He finds himself getting tongue-tied around anybody that he wants to impress, especially the older men in his troop.

It seems as though Jack’s confidence evaporates around the older men who catch his attention. It’s nervous and exciting learning about the effect his smooth skin and killer smile had on the masters of the camp. He just needs to be a little more brave when it comes to interacting with his fellow campers. Jack knows that if he is brave enough to follow through with something, like signing up for the Scouts, he usually ends up enjoying it. The boy doesn’t exactly know what was waiting for him at camp, but he finds himself wanting to fully enjoy all of the time he was spending with the masters who were giving him guidance.

Played by Jack Bailey

Scoutmaster Charger is very much the definition of a silver fox. This sophisticated, handsome, debonair gent is always sauvely dressed. Lurking beneath the well-turned out uniform, however, is a man with irrepressible sexual urges and a giant cock which would make any but the most experienced partner shudder!

Played by Lance Charger

Troye is a super sexy, dark-haired boy, who’s as cute as he is innocent. He works hard at school and is always keen to impress. But with that neat, little smooth body and nice fat dick, how could he do anything BUT impress!

Played by Troye Jacobs
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