Featuring: Cole Blue, Lance Charger and Marcus Rivers
July 28, 2022 | 21 mins | HD 1080p | 30 photos

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I run a tight ship. I expect a lot from my scouts. They’re not just here to have fun and fool around. Part of my job is to see that they develop into well-rounded young men. If I put them through their paces and test their limits, I know they’ll end up as proper scouts.

Cole and Marcus are two of my most promising boys. They’re polite, conscientious, and intelligent. I’m often accused of being a little tougher with the most talented boys, and there’s a degree of truth in that. But what I’m teaching these young men will set them up for life, and, if they want to be the best, then they gotta work extra hard…

Discipline is a ...[Read more]

Discipline is a funny concept. Many argue that it’s only necessary when someone does something wrong, but I believe in preemptive discipline. You gotta keep the boys both on their toes and on the right path.

One of my pet peeves is vanity. Some of my scouts spend longer doing their hair than they do learning survival skills, and Cole and Marcus are more concerned with their appearance in uniform than what it stands for.

I took Cole and Marcus aside one afternoon to see if I could shake things up a bit. I got them doing exercises to get them a bit grubby. Then, when they needed to take a leak, I forced them to pee in front of each other. You gotta strip all that squeamishness away. When they complained of feeling too hot, I told them to strip…

They clearly found the experience incredibly disarming, but feeling vulnerable while naked is something which can be a huge hindrance.

Getting them to take off their underpants was understandably a little tricky. Boys that age are always shy, usually because they’re self-conscious about their dicks and worried that they won’t compare well with others. These negative thoughts need to be swept aside as quickly as possible.

Not that it matters, but it turns out that neither boy needed to worry about the size of his penis. Cole, in particular, is packing some pretty serious meat down there! A bit of gentle physical encouragement was all they needed to get naked.

Look, in these sorts of situations, it’s best to go with the flow. You’re out there in the wilderness, the rest of the troop are off on a hike… If the boys are getting horny, what better way to cure them of their prissiness than sex in the great outdoors?

When I sensed the mood was changing, I quickly ushered them into my tent. Once inside, things moved forward pretty speedily. The boys were naked and rock hard, plainly excited about what was coming their way. It was hard to know which one to start with, but I like being spoiled with choice.

I knelt between them and started fondling them both simultaneously. What better use of two hands! Sadly, I’ve only got one mouth, so I kicked the kissing off with Marcus, who, out of the two, seemed the most nervous. He was looking up at me with those big, sad, vulnerable eyes and I just knew I needed to taste him. And man, the boy tasted good!

I shifted my attention to Cole. My well-honed instincts told me that he wasn’t quite the innocent boy abroad that he presents to the world. He’s definitely kissed men before and probably a whole heap more besides. I knew it from the moment our lips touched.

I said that the time had come for them to help me out of my clothes and they couldn’t have been more eager to assist. One moment I was fully clothed in my uniform, the next, I was naked and highly aroused with two teenage twinks running their trembling little hands all over my big hairy body. It was time to show them how the real men play! Time to fuck the innocence right out of their nervous bodies.

I stood up and, in turn, fed my dick to them to teach them what their mouths are for. But I was soon feeling impatient…

I got them to kneel down and present their tight, little puckered holes to me. I gave each of them the same amount of attention.

First, allowing my stubbly beard to awaken their ass cheeks, before moving into their cute little cracks with my tongue. I wanted to get them as wet and begging for it as possible. Marcus, in particular, whimpered in a way which made me pretty convinced I was dealing with a first-timer.

My dick started bouncing in sleazy expectation! I moved from one ass to the other, like a kid in a candy store, trying to work out which one I was gonna fuck first. The one thing I knew was that I was gonna pound them both raw. My hard cock was crying out for a heck of a lot of skin-on-skin attention.

I opted to start with Cole. His hole was looking particularly ready and twitchy and I knew I had to slide right up there.

I felt him tensing significantly as I entered. He’s quite a stoic, silent type, so I knew he wasn’t gonna scream the place down, despite being just about as tight as any hole I’ve banged. It actually took quite a lot of effort for me to get my whole dick inside him but, it was worth it for the ride he gave me. Man, he felt good!

I wasn’t at all ready to stop fucking Cole, but figured it was time to sample the joys that Marcus had to offer. He was, as expected, considerably more vocal. The moment the tip of my dick went inside him, he was quivering in a way which just made me want to go deeper. I was soon hammering him to within an inch of his life, and loving every second! He turned out to be a really hungry boy!

I went back into Cole, but wanted to see his face as I penetrated him, so got him on his back and sucked him for a while before slipping my dick back into his warm, welcoming ass. I stared straight into his eyes. He’s got one of those faces which registers every emotion and feeling; nervousness, discomfort, excitement, lust, vulnerability… it all flashed across his face while I fucked him.

Cole started jerking himself furiously and I knew he wasn’t gonna be able to hold on much longer. A second later, he yelled as I pumped the spunk out of his dick. He came like a water fountain all over his belly…

But I wasn’t done…

I pulled out, sucked the excess cum off Cole’s dick, then got Marcus on his back and slammed myself back into him. Staring down into that innocent-little face added a whole new level of sexiness to the proceedings and I could feel my balls tingling.

I knew I wanted to blast my load inside him. I wanted to see him walking around camp for the next few hours knowing he had my load deep inside him. I wanted to see the stain on the back of his shorts as the cum dripped out of him. It was that thought which made me explode and I came real hard, depositing every last creamy, sexy drop into him.


Scout Cole is a model for others to look up to. Tall, handsome, well educated, fit, knows his knots, and gets along great with scouts and scout leaders alike. The older men know they can trust Cole to lead in their place, often putting him in charge of smaller adventures with newer scouts. He’s handy with a compass and rope, making him a natural when it comes to hiking in the great outdoors. Beneath the well decorated uniform is a well developed young man, with not only a warm, friendly spirit, but a big cock as well!

Played by Cole Blue

Scoutmaster Charger is very much the definition of a silver fox. This sophisticated, handsome, debonair gent is always sauvely dressed. Lurking beneath the well-turned out uniform, however, is a man with irrepressible sexual urges and a giant cock which would make any but the most experienced partner shudder!

Played by Lance Charger

The moment the leaders of The Order of Elite Scouts first noticed Scout Marcus, they earmarked him as a boy to keep an eye on. Since then, he's only fulfilled his early promise. He's always been the smaller guy in his age group, but hit puberty sooner. He loves showing off, fooling around with the other scouts, especially naked. He shows off his big nuts whenever he can. Marcus He may not be the most muscular or biggest, but he's got a cocky attitude and a heavy set of balls that make him feel cocky! Now that he's at the ranch as an Elite Scout, his scout leaders look forward to guiding the boy into manhood. And though Marcus doesn't know or fully appreciate everything that will be required of him, he's eager to show the older men and other boys that he's capable of accomplishing any order they command him to obey. After all, that's what being an Elite Scout is all about at the ranch.

Played by Marcus Rivers
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