Featuring: Colton Fox and Jonah Wheeler
July 14, 2022 | 17 mins | HD 1080p | 30 photos

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Things have gotten a little awkward between Scoutmaster Wheeler and me ever since the night I took my pledge. Which, as it happens, was also the night he took my virginity!

The experience was pretty intense, for both of us I suppose, but we haven’t been able to talk about it. There’s always been someone around. I may also have been coming across as a bit cold. If I’m honest, the whole incident made me feel a bit confused.

Being fucked for ...[Read more]

Being fucked for the first time, and by my scoutmaster, no less, is a pretty big thing to come to terms with! I knew I should focus on scouting, learning and having fun and enjoying being outdoors. So I tried my best to put it all to the back of my mind.

But, of course, the more I tried not to think about it, the more it had a hold of me… and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it again.

Last weekend, the whole troop went up to the lakes for a two-night camp. For the first night, every time I looked at Scoutmaster Wheeler, my heart started thumping. By the time we turned in, I was a horny mess, desperate for us to have another private moment.

As I walked toward my tent, he came up close behind me and whispered in my ear. He said that instead of doing orienteering the next day with the rest of the group, he and I would go on a hike. My cock jumped up in my shorts and I spent all night trying not to be too obvious while touching myself in the sleeping bag beside my fellow scout.

The following morning, everyone else headed off in one direction, and we wandered off in the other. We didn’t talk about that much to be honest. There were all sorts of things that I wanted to say, but I just couldn’t find the words. I didn’t have the courage to mention the fact that he’d been inside me and how it felt. Or that I wanted it again. I felt foolish, but I just waited patiently, hoping that he’d say or do something to tell me that he wanted it, too.

He stopped and told me he needed a leak and walked over to a tree. It wasn’t the invitation I was hoping for. In fact, he walked a good distance away from me, leaving me on the trail.

I wanted to see his cock again. I wanted to get another glimpse of the big tool that pried me open and came inside me. Even if I couldn’t touch it, I thought seeing it might give me some peace of mind. Or at least give me more to jerk off to later.

I couldn’t help but sneak up and try to look over. And to my surprise, I could see that his dick was not only out, but it was hard! As he relieved himself with his massive hard on, I couldn’t look away… or stop my dick from swelling.

I edged a little closer. Of course, each step made unintended sounds of twigs snapping and leaves rustling, bringing his attention to me and making me feel completely caught and exposed. I was totally embarrassed. But he just smiled and said “why don’t you come over?”

And the next thing I knew, I was timidly wrapping my palm around his big, hard, wet dick. My head was spinning with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. We were together again… finally! I stared into those powerful eyes, my lips less than a foot away from his. That beautiful, well-trimmed mustache was threatening to brush against my smooth cheek again and make the goosebumps on my back dance.

Then we kissed. I know it’s a little strange to be kissing another guy, especially an older guy like Scoutmaster Wheeler, but it made me so excited I could hardly contain myself.

He started to undress me. I knew it was a little dangerous–I mean, we were barely off the track, anyone could have stumbled upon us–but I didn’t care. He could have done anything he wanted to me. I just held onto his cock while he undid my belt and rolled my shorts and underpants down, hungry for him to put it back inside me like before.

He pushed me against a tree before dropping down to his knees to suck me. He did this crazy thing with his tongue while tickling my balls and I almost came on the spot! It literally took every last piece of will-power to stay in control! He kept looking up at me with those big, brown eyes and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world!

He turned me around and started playing with my ass. And before I could collect my thoughts, I felt that sexy mustache of his tickling my backside as he sank his big tongue into my hole. I heard him unzipping his shirt and flinging it onto the ground and knew he was getting ready to fuck me.

Seconds later he stood up, lined his dick up with my hole and started to penetrate me.

I’m not gonna lie. It hurt like hell! But at the same time, I was more desperate for him to be inside me than I was concerned about how it felt. I looked back and saw that he was smiling. It was a real warm, protective smile, completely different to the way he’s looked at me in the past.

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it almost felt like he was falling for me. He kept making this low-pitched moaning, clearly expressing pleasure. I liked it. I remembered it from last time. I wanted to hear it again and again! I don’t know why, but I wanted to make him happy. I wanted him to want me. And feeling him inside me made me feel like I was his completely.

I was panting and groaning and jerking my dick like crazy. Then he grabbed my arms and gripped them behind my back before putting me into a soft choke hold. The more powerless I felt, the more I wanted him to do whatever he needed to do. I was entirely his.

He told me to get loud. He said no one could hear us. It was a strange thing, but when I started to moan out loud, I felt completely freed. I’ve spent so much of my life being quiet and secretive about my desires, that to be able to let go and just experience pleasure… it was almost disorienting!

Then he pushed me against a tree trunk, so hard that my dick started rubbing against the bark. I grabbed it and started to jerk myself. I didn’t want it to stop, but at the same time, I didn’t know what I’d turn into if it didn’t!

At that moment, my cum started to gush out of me like water from an unstoppable hose! It went all over the forest floor, spilling everywhere and making the leaves and the stick glisten in the sunlight.

Scoutmaster Wheeler then began to grunt and groan like he did before and I could feel his entire body shaking. He pulled out of me really quickly, and a second later, I could feel his cum hitting the back of my shirt and my ass cheeks.

It felt incredible to have his load dripping on me, marking me as if to say I’m his and I made him happy. The warm, pearly drops fell down my back, making me feel like I did a good job as he shoved his dick back into me. I think he got a little more of his cum inside me, which only made the re-entry all the more powerful. He was where I wanted him…


Scout Colton is cute as a button and innocent as anything, but this blond, smooth, chiseled boy is every Scoutmaster’s dream - largely because they know he has the potential to give an experienced man the ride of his life! Not only is he handsome, clean cut, and the vision of a good boy, but his ass fills out his shorts like few others!

Played by Colton Fox

Scoutmaster Wheeler comes across as a little intimidating. He's not quick to smile or joke, and has an air of dominance about him. He certainly always gets what he wants… and when you have a big dick like his, it’s pretty easy to see why!

Played by Jonah Wheeler
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