Featuring: Bishop Angus and Ian Levine
January 14, 2021 | 18 mins | HD 1080p | 25 photos

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Scout Ian has been summoned to Scoutmaster Angus’ office to take the Elite Scout pledge. He does not yet understand the honor, even as he receives the pin from the hands of the bearded, barrel-chested man. Ian has agreed to do everything he is told. It is an essential part of their society and Ian may be shy, but he is obedient.

Scoutmaster Angus seats himself and pulls the boy toward him slowly, his eyes on the boy’s crotch, wondering if he’s already hard. Ian smiles shyly but stands completely still as his scoutmaster runs his hands over his body. The leader starts with Ian’s ass, massaging the firm, perfectly round cheeks through the boy’s shorts with his large hands. Ian has a much slighter build, and he sways gently from the strength behind the man’s touch. He is completely compliant as Scoutmaster Angus confirms the boy’s hardon by rubbing his groin and then removing the boy’s shirt. All the signs say that Ian is enjoying himself—the half-closed eyes, the lip biting, the head falling back—as he reaches up to touch the man’s firm, hairy forearm.

Ian’s lean, little ...[Read more]

Ian’s lean, little body is almost completely smooth, save for a slight dusting of an adolescent happy trail leading into his shorts. His mouth falls open as Scoutmaster Angus holds his head back to kiss the boy’s neck from behind, teasing his nipples, and he smiles openly when the Scoutmaster’s hand drifts lower to squeeze his visible bulge. This emboldens Ian to do the same. He turns to the man and squeezes the massive bulge protruding through the man’s pants.

Scoutmaster Angus slides down Ian’s shorts, freeing his hardon. The older man tugs on it gently while holding Ian close to kiss him. But his hands wander to the boy’s bubblebutt, squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart to explore Ian’s virgin hole with his thick fingertips. Wanting inside, the scoutmaster unbuttons his shirt and before the man’s pants can even hit the floor, Ian is on his knees face to face with the biggest, thickest cock he’s ever seen. And instinctively, he knows exactly what to do

The boy’s eagerness gets Scoutmaster Angus almost as worked up as the boy’s mouth, and he soon has Ian bent over his desk, exposing his beautiful pucker. The boy moans as the older man loosens his hole with one thick finger, then an even thicker thumb, and finally by pressing in the head of his beer-can cock. Ian bites down on his own hand to stifle a whimper as he’s opened wide by his scoutmaster. It’s a lot for a virgin ass to take, but Ian rarely backs down from a challenge. It’s why he’s here after all. He doesn’t doubt himself, even when the man gets one foot up on the table to press deeper into the boy’s hole or flips him over and spreads his legs wide. Ian’s ass cheeks bounce as the scoutmaster thrusts harder and harder, and the boy even begins to rock back into the man’s strokes.

Scoutmaster Angus gets Ian to lie flat on the desk and climbs on top of him to jockey his ass. The boy’s bubbly ass cheeks bulge from the weight of his leader’s piston-like fucking, and the two moan in unison. The scoutmaster’s groans get louder and he pulls out and sits up to paint the boy's ass with rope after rope of hot jizz before leaning in to impale the boy one more time. Ian has passed an important trial, and Scoutmaster Angus stands and smears his cum over the boy’s hole, massaging it gently with his fingers.

The ceremony is closed with a kiss, and the man rolls Ian over to grip the boy’s rock hard cock. Ian hopes that one day soon, he will be as manly as his scoutmaster. He hopes even sooner that he will be able to share more with the thickly muscled bear.


Scoutmaster Angus has an eye for boys who will perform well as Elite Scouts. That's why he's always there to give them a helping hand, a word of advice, or a firm command. These young men arrive thinking they understand what scouting is all about, and it's his job, the job of a scoutmaster in The Order of Elite Scouts to take them beyond what they've previously done. He must train them for more. And everyone agrees, when it comes to taking young boys in hand, no one is better than this scoutmaster. He loves being a father figure to many of the young scouts he works with each year, hoping they know that they can come to him for any reason. With his big, furry chest, beard with hints of salt and pepper, and massive muscular frame, he's often seen as a big muscly teddy bear. And while he's happy to pat their butts as they achieve new awards, most of them can't help but wish for more. Indeed neither can he.

Played by Bishop Angus

Ian is shy socially, but has never been one to shy away from a challenge, especially a physical one. In fact, he often sets the example for other boys his age. This is what brought him to the attention of the Elite Scouts. Ian’s actions set an example for other boys his age even before joining cub scouts. His mischievous smile belies a true motivation for service and obedience, and he is exactly the kind of material his new leaders have been looking to add to the ranks of respectful, well-trained, and responsible boys. And his perfect little bubble butt hasn’t escaped the notice of the older men who will guide the boy in the more intimate details of serving his fellow man, not just in deed but in all aspects of healthy physical development.

Played by Ian Levine
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