Featuring: Austin L. Young, Jack Andram and Mitch Cox
December 02, 2020 | 21 mins | HD 1080p | 25 photos

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Young scouts Austin and Jack finish their evening chores and join Scoutmaster Cox in their tent. Tired from a full day adventuring out in the woods, they climb into their sleeping bags to get a good night's sleep right next to their scoutmaster.

But Austin can't stop thinking about Scoutmaster Cox laying beside him. Looking at the Scoutmaster's handsome face, the young boy imagines what he looks like underneath his uniform. Scoutmaster Cox finishes reading and lays down in his sleeping bag just inches from the young boy.

Being careful not ...[Read more]

Being careful not to wake his fellow scout, Austin slowly unzips his sleeping bag and reaches over to touch Scoutmaster Cox. The not-quite-asleep Scoutmaster smiles as the young boy pulls his sleeping bag down and starts to caress the older man's cock through his pants, before the scout leader reaches for the tiny young boy's body and they slowly unzip one another’s pants to wrap their hands around the other's now hard cock.

The young boy holds his Scoutmaster's big cock as the older man gets the young boy's pants down, exposing the hard dick sticking out from the top of his underwear. Pulling Austin's underwear down, Scoutmaster Cox can't resist putting the young boy's cock into his eager mouth.

The older man licks and sucks on his scout's throbbing hardon as Austin does his best to keep his moaning from waking Jack, still sleeping right next to them. The Scoutmaster puts the tiny, naked Austin onto his hands and knees and licks the young boy's smooth, tight butthole with his tongue as Austin's moans get louder, threatening to wake the young scout just inches away.

Scoutmaster Cox gets the boy's fresh young butthole nice and wet and moves up to slide his hard cock between Austin's butt cheeks. As the older man enters the young boy's tight hole, he puts his hand over Austin’s mouth to stop him from being too loud with his moans. But the older man pounding his hard cock into the young boy's butt and Austin's muffled whimpers are enough to wake Jack, who rolls over to see what is happening.

Scoutmaster Cox invites the now awake Jack to join them, and Jack eagerly pulls down his pants and positions his now erect cock inches from Austin's face. Austin eagerly starts to suck on his fellow scout’s hard boner as Scoutmaster Cox continues thrusting in and out of the boy’s tight hole.

After some intense pounding, the Scoutmaster rolls the young naked boy onto his back and repositions his big, bulging cockhead against Austin's tiny hole. As he thrusts his huge dick in, Austin moans as he continues to suck his fellow scout’s long, hard cock.

With the young boy's butthole squeezing his Scoutmaster's hard cock, pre-cum escapes the tip of his dick and lands on his smooth stomach. As Jack is being sucked off by Austin, he leans in to kiss his Scoutmaster on the lips.

After several minutes of intense pounding, Austin cannot hold back any longer and shoots his warm, sweet, sticky load all over his tight belly. The sight of his friend cumming puts Jack over the edge, and he adds his load to Austin's chest and stomach as well. Austin continues to squeeze his Scoutmaster's cock with his boyhole until the older man shoots in him. After pulling out of the young boy, some of his load escapes from Austin's smooth young butthole.

As the older man and the two young boys regain a little of their composure, Scoutmaster Cox announces it's time for bed.


Austin has always loved scouting: the chance to be outside, to be around guys his own age, and to learn from more experienced men. He's worked hard at every task given him, showing an eagerness that has not gone unnoticed by his scoutmaster. Austin is a little bit shy, and a sexy little guy with almost no hair on his body, except for what grows on his head! But the little scout can be outgoing and eager to please once he finally opens up. He'd shown a lot of potential as a scout, which had not gone unnoticed by the scout leaders in the Elite Scouts. Along with his scoutmaster, the leaders are looking forward to seeing how well the boy can handle all the new adventures they're going to throw his way. He's grown under the guidance he's received in scouting, and now he's blossoming as he adapts to the demands of the Elite Scouts.

Played by Austin L. Young

When Jack was told he was being invited to join The Order of Elite Scouts, he was beside himself with excitement. He’d heard the stories about all the different adventures that he’d be able to do once he had taken the oath and made the pledge, and he was eager to learn about the things his older brothers had hinted at as scouts in the elite order. He imagined the new skills that he would master. He loves scouting activities like woodcraft, fire building, and more, he sees this as his chance to put childish pursuits behind him and take the first steps on the road to manhood. Maybe becoming a boy leader himself like his brothers and uncles had been! He’s not disappointed once he arrives at the famed scout ranch. He’s greeted with lots of boys like him and plenty of hands-on scoutmasters. He was surprised but beside himself with enthusiasm for the Elite Scouting program once he understood what might be involved in the new dimensions of his all-boy scouting activities.

Played by Jack Andram

Scoutmaster Cox has his eyes on handsome, young, fit boy scouts all the time. He watches how they move, how they play, and how they've taken care of their bodies. It's hard not fantasize about how they look naked, seeing these young boys come into maturity. Over the years, Scoutmaster Cox has seen the importance of the Elite Scouting Program. The young boys who are invited to join are innocent and in need of a strong authority figure to prepare them for their lives. He's always ready to sit one-on-one with a scout for life advice or just a friendly ear as they grapple with what it means to be growing up, with their bodies changing and hormones getting out of control. His advice is sometimes embarrassingly blunt for the boys, but the boys in his care appreciate his attention. Consequently, with very little effort he persuades the boys to follow his lead and do as he instructs them.

Played by Mitch Cox
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