Featuring: Cain Marko, Ethan Tate and Tucker Barrett
October 13, 2022 | 31 mins | HD 1080p | 25 photos

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Walking into that dark, cold, candlelit room was probably the most intimidating thing I’ve ever done. I had no idea how big the room actually was. It was just an expanse of darkness. The ceilings were tall and it smelled of damp and woodsmoke, and the expensive scents of the three, masked, suited men who were sitting on antique chairs in front of me.

One of the men stood up. His mask covered most of his face and I couldn’t tell who it was. I could see that he was thick set and that he had a reddish beard. I was also aware that he was making me feel uneasy but I was inexplicably drawn to him. Like a moth to a flame…

He encouraged me ...[Read more]

He encouraged me to drink some sort of liquid from an ornate glass vessel. My mouth was incredibly dry and I was grateful for the moisture.

He turned me around and pressed himself into my back. His aftershave made me light-headed; it seemed to engulf me in a bubble of sensuality. He delicately ran his hands over my chest and stomach and then down towards my groin. The gesture made me gasp and I could feel my penis stiffening. Then, just like that, he sat back down again, leaving me alone in the middle of the room, not sure what to do and wondering if I’d displeased him in some way.

At that point, the two other men stood and pulled a giant piece of black fabric away from the top of a long, low table. A series of pegs of increasing sizes had been attached to it. I remember thinking how much they looked like erect penises and, as the thought occurred to me, my body froze as I realized what was about to happen.

At that moment, all three men pulled their masks off. I instantly recognised one of them as Master Barrett. I’d seen him around the complex on numerous occasions and always gotten tongue-tied with him because he’s so unbelievably handsome! The stocky guy who’d pressed himself up against me was Grandmaster Marko. We’d never met in person, but I’d seen his photograph in a pamphlet which introduced the apprentices to two new leaders.

Master Barrett stood up again and walked over to me, turning me around and thrusting his body into my back just as Marko had done. He started to undo the buttons on my shirt and a rush of excitement swept through my body like a tidal wave. He undid my tie and tossed it onto a chair and then continued to undress me as my heart thumped with anticipation. He carefully undid my belt and pushed my pants to the ground.

At that moment, Barrett stepped aside. Grandmaster Marko returned and started to feel my body with his giant hands, pushing my underpants down and exposing my erect dick, his warm breath tickling the hairs on the back of my neck.

He told me to move to the head of the table and pulled out a tray with metal bottles on it. I instinctively knew that they were filled with oils which would be used to lubricate the pegs I’d expected to sit on. And sure enough, Master Barrett did just that and I walked across to it as casually as I could, attempting to disguise the pure terror that I was feeling. The first peg, as it turned out, wasn’t that large and it slipped into me without a huge amount of discomfort. Grandmaster Marko instructed me to grind myself up and down on it and the sensation was actually remarkably pleasurable. I looked him straight in the eye, imagining I was riding his dick. The look on his face informed me that he knew exactly what I was thinking and, furthermore, that he approved.

Master Barrett stood over me and grabbed my dick with his oil-covered hands before moving on to prepare the next peg, which was a little larger than the first. I stood and lowered myself down onto it. The sensation of it entering my body sent shivers down my spine and forced me to grit my teeth a little but, again, once I’d lowered myself all the way down, it felt fairly comfortable and more than a little exciting. In fact, my dick was rock hard, despite the whole thing also feeling weird and scary and more than a little bit humiliating. The feeling of Master Barrett standing so close to me as I rode the peg, touching me so seductively, made everything feel mind-blowingly amazing.

I lowered myself down onto the third peg with considerably less comfort. It still felt pretty good inside me, but I could tell it was pushing my limits and as I continued to the fourth, desperate to please, I was worrying that the fifth would pretty much tear me apart. Nevertheless, I continued to look across at Grandmaster Marko with utter defiance in my eyes - almost daring him to tell me he didn’t think I was capable of doing it.

He stood up and walked towards me, scooping me into his enormous arms and running his hands over my big, oil-covered cock before kissing me erotically and tenderly… like a true lover. I literally melted into his lips. I wanted him more at that moment than I’ve wanted any man in my life, and when he pushed his finger into my ass, I wanted every part of him inside me. I wanted to yield to him, to give myself entirely to him, to let him have me in whichever ways he wanted to take me. I would have done anything for him.

He started to undress in front of me and I fumblingly undid his shirt to show him that I felt submissive. We continued to kiss passionately until he was fully naked.

I dropped to my knees and started to suck his huge dick. He was hard in an instant and I felt really pleased to have made such a powerful and important man feel so excited. I tried hard to get his entire penis into my mouth but it made me choke. He made a lot of satisfied noises though, and encouraged me to continue, grabbing the back of my head and pushing himself deep into my hungry throat until the whole thing vanished inside me.

Then he pushed me against the table so that I was presenting my ass to him. Within seconds he’d dropped to his knees and had started to use his giant tongue to lick me out. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My hole literally opened up for him, twitching uncontrollably for his dick.

Then he stood and pushed his cock into me. It was every bit as big as the last peg I’d sat down on, but the pleasure was so much more intense. It felt like my hole had been built for his beautiful dick. I loved the sensation of it grinding into me. It made me feel complete. I felt like I suddenly knew my purpose.

He went harder and harder. I could see Master Barrett and the other guy watching and rubbing their dicks through their suit pants but for now I only had feelings for Grandmaster Marko. I was his boy and his boy alone.

He told me he was close before pulling out, jerking for a few seconds and then thrusting himself back in again - at which point I felt the cascade of semen flowing into my body like a river in a flood. He was rewarding me. That impressive, beautiful man had given me his seed. And I knew that I would never be the same again.


Master Marko is an impressive mountain of a man with a red beard and a bear-like physique. Many would describe him as stern, others, who know him better, as ‘firm but fair’ but he always gets what he wants. The apprentices are universally intimidated by his physique and the aura of power which he exudes. His giant dick terrifies many, but they invariably find themselves uncontrollably drawn to it like moths to a flame!

Played by Cain Marko

Hazel-eyed Apprentice Tate is both beautiful and has an air of steely determination. Some within The Order have suggested he could be too arrogant to be trained effectively. Wild as this stallion may be, however, his lithe body still craves to be the dominion of older, larger men. And there's plenty of strong men within The Order that love to break in challenging apprentices...

Played by Ethan Tate

Being one of the younger masters of the Masonic Order, Master Barrett took his role there very seriously. He didn’t often say much, but his mysterious gaze made curious minds wonder. He understood he had a duty to perform after becoming an official member, but his own personal mission statement of ensuring that both him and his partner were enjoying themselves sometimes overshadowed that duty.

The boys he encountered when with the Order were fond of him due to his handsome bearded face and bold eye contact. His charm was almost irresistible. Barrett took notice of this charm he had over the boys, a confidence that they somehow picked up on. Knowing his focus was entirely on you meant only one thing for certain, you would soon be feeling pleasure. This Master had his own secret weapon, his own way of knowing how to elevate the sensation. It was one of the reasons boys were so quick to swoon for him.

Played by Tucker Barrett
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