Featuring: Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Dale Savage, Felix Kamp and President Oaks
June 24, 2021 | 30 mins | HD 1080p | 30 photos

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The head games Apprentice Blue felt weren’t an accident. Everytime the young apprentice did as the masters said, he couldn’t tell if he was succeeding or failing to meet their expectations. He strived to do what was asked and to impress the men who could help determine his future, but they left him unable to ascertain their judgement.

In a way, this drove Apprentice Blue a little mad. He opened his mind, his heart, and his body to them, desperate for approval, only to be left wondering what more he could do. He didn’t realize, of course, that this was exactly the plan that the masters had for him.

Without any firm ...[Read more]

Without any firm acceptance or approval of his performance, the eager young man pushed himself further and harder than he ever would. They wanted to see just how far he would go given his own propensity for submission, separate from any progress report or affirmation. This couldn’t have been more clear than when it came time for Blue’s atonement.

The name implies a corrective action, a payment or sacrifice for having done something wrong or inadequate. In truth, Blue had been a perfect initiate, determined yet obedient. He was handsome, smart, strong, and becoming more aroused each time the masters stripped him down to play with his manhood and hole. But what the atonement provided was an opportunity for the leaders to see if the apprentice was willing to put the desire of the Order before his own.

When Blue entered the ceremony room, he was surprised to see three men sitting in rich, ornate chairs, dressed in dark, fine suits with silk ties and polished shoes. Their combined presence filled the air with a hint of expensive cologne and leather. He wondered who they were or if he’d met them before; their faces were covered with strange masks that hid their identities.

Beside them, placed like a coffee table, was a long piece of furniture that was too irregular to be a platform for drinks. It was covered with a dark cloth that concealed unknown objects beneath. At the head of the table alongside the others sat Grandmaster Angus, a man Blue did not recognize, despite him having inseminated the young man the night of his initiation.

Grandmaster Angus was a strong, beefy man with a prominent, barrel chest that his dress shirt and tie could barely contain. He had a neatly trimmed beard and a shaved head, but there was a wildness about him all the same. The apprentice could have seen him in another time as a Spartan warrior or a hunter. Even in his most civilized and modern attire, there was something primal in his eyes.

Blue stood still, unnerved by the presence of so many unfamiliar figures, curious about what was hidden beneath the black material. His mind raced with all sort of torture devices and interrogation techniques. The secret society was full of dark history and medieval traditions. For the first time ever, the apprentice wondered if he’d made a terrible mistake.

The men stood up and together lifted the cloth, giving the young man a glimpse of what was to come. It was not a torture device that he could tell, but it certainly was not harmless. Studded in a row like ducks on a path were several dark, shiny objects, bulbing at the top and supported up by a narrow base. Each one progressively got larger until the final bulb resembled an oversized light. The apprentice recognized them by their shape and form: plugs. Anal plugs secured to a heavy, wooden table.

The men explained to him what he must do. He was to sit on each one, pressing his buttocks down flat and firm on the table, starting from the farthest end with the smallest plug, moving forward peg by peg to meet Angus. They told him there would be consequences if he could not complete this task, a punishment that he would not forget.

Blue was mildly scared, to say the least. He’d never tested the limits of his ass, but it seemed like it was somewhere in the last couple pegs for sure. Still, he felt an unusual rush of excitement about the idea of being watched by the group.

Stripping down, Blue felt the cool air of the room on his flesh. He was suddenly aware that he became hard as a rock when he saw the plugs. He removed his undergarments and shoes as Angus requested, trying to think of how he could succeed.

The first few pegs were easy enough. A little oil was provided to him and he sat on each one without any issues. He was ordered several times to stop and lift up his balls to show the men that he had completely taken in the plug on the table. It was strange and awkward at times, but the apprentice only seemed to get more turned on as each increasingly larger plug filled more of his ass.

Every time he sat down, he could feel his prostate being punched. His cock began to leak continuously, prompting Grandmaster Angus at one point to stand up and take a bead onto his finger. He looked at it inquisitively for a moment, as if impressed by the young man’s fluid, only to then stick his finger in Apprentice Blue’s mouth.

The young man couldn’t believe how hot it was. He had never considered the taste of his own seminal fluid, but something about licking it off Angus’ finger made him even more determined to succeed. He wanted to please him. To please all of them. And he only had a few more pegs to go.

It was the second to last peg where the apprentice felt his body begin to fail him. He’d worn out his muscles quite a bit to get to the final steps, and they were not giving him any chance for rest. The penultimate peg stretched his hole out like Master Kamp had previously. It was a little painful and slow-going, but once he got it in, all he could think about was the massive peg left to go.

Grandmaster Angus kept his eyes locked with the apprentice. He could see his want. He could see his struggle. He asked him gently if he could proceed, a question that Blue could barely find the strength to answer. He knew how close he was to finishing and he wanted to more than anything else. Not just to avoid the punishment of failure, but to enjoy the reward of success. He wanted to impress them. He wanted to impress himself! But alas, he couldn’t go any further.

Angus nodded understandingly. He stood up and told the young man to rise up off the table. Blue did, feeling his legs get a little shaky from the constant up and down he’d had to do. Angus ordered him to lean over the table, facing away from himself, and grip onto the pegs for support. The apprentice wasn’t sure what was to come, but he did so without question.

As Apprentice Blue’s hands clung to the warm, wet plugs that once took refuge in the depths of his body, he tried to reconcile his feelings about how close he’d come. He was willing to accept whatever fate they had for him, but deep down, all he wanted was Angus’ approval. Angus took off his clothes behind him, looking to his colleagues and signaling to them his determination. And then, to Blue’s surprise, he felt the older man’s cock slide up inside his hole!

As much as he was tender and tired, the man’s bare shaft seemed to give him a second wind. He couldn’t believe what was happening, expecting the worst before. Now, he could almost laugh with joy. He didn’t know what it meant, but he was more than happy to have the older man pumping in and out of his warmed up ass.

Angus wrapped his tie around Blue’s neck, using it to hold him in place like a leash. Blue couldn’t help but look at the men to the side, watching him get fucked by the beefy man behind him. Then, they all took off their masks, revealing their identities: Master Kamp, Grandmaster Oaks, and Grandmaster Savage. Each man had had their chance to guide him along his path, and now they all bore witness to the trial of the stretcher.

The apprentice was overwhelmed by what he saw, but he was even more overwhelmed by the feeling of being pounded by the big daddy bear. He looked up at his masters, watching their eyes light up with satisfaction at the sight of the young apprentice being so thoroughly used and filled.

Blue felt like he was on the verge of cumming at any moment, but tried to hold off until Grandmaster Angus was done. He wanted nothing more than to feel his load inside him, to coat his hole with his seed and to give him a reward for his efforts. Angus’ body shook as he got close, and Blue, in proper response, gripped tightly to the table, anxiously awaiting the burst of cum that was about to erupt...


The legendary Masonic Order has been around for thousands of years. During their highly prestigious, but deeply secretive presence in society, The Order has had countless Grandmasters keeping the holy rituals alive and well. Today, Grandmaster Angus finds himself at the very top of the pecking order.

From the first moment that Angus was finally given the title of Grandmaster after many, many years of trials and tribulations, he knew that this holy role was his destiny. He would be in charge of the spiritual and sexual growth of all of the various young men that wished to join his mighty Order.

The ruggedly handsome, bearded gentleman has serious eyes and countenance that one never wishes to cross. Get out of line, even for a moment, and Grandmaster Angus gives swift and profound discipline…

Played by Bishop Angus

Apprentice Blue is tall, blue eyed, and as classically handsome as they get. He is also ambitious, driven and wise beyond his years. Any father would love a man like Cole for his daughter… but Cole would likely go for the father instead.

In The Order, there are plenty of hot daddies, all of them ready to test Cole’s loyalty and commitment. Cole is more than ready to serve every Master exactly as The Order requires him to by letting them get deep inside him. With every new test, Cole’s devotion to the Order only gets deeper.

Played by Cole Blue

No one is sure how old The Order is, but those in the higher echelons have the closest understanding to its true nature. Grandmaster Savage comes from a multi-generational lineage: His grandfather participated in his first initiation and he has reason to think that at least his great grandfather was a member as well. As such, Grandmaster Savage is almost fanatically devoted to The Order and its aims and philosophy. He knows from personal experience what a positive impact the Order can have on the young men fortunate enough to be chosen to join its ranks.

Earlier in his life, Grandmaster Savage was married but the demands of a time consuming, successful career, combined with his commitments to The Order, kept him away from home too much. The secretive nature of The Order, whose rituals he could not share outside the organization, resulted in a divorce he both understood and accepted. These are just some of the sacrifices one must make for higher purposes.

Played by Dale Savage

Master Kamp is a handsome man of great authority. A pillar in the community with a deep, booming voice and rugged good looks. He is known by all as a great man of character and true leader. But what most don't know about him is the power he holds in a secret, Masonic society.

Master Kamp is incredibly influential in helping guide young men to their full potential. He's very aware of their needs and their struggles, helping them traverse their own insecurities and anxieties by discovering the power of their own submission. Nothing makes him more proud than seeing a handsome, driven young man kneel and obey, putting the needs of his superiors before himself.

He's often tasked with interviewing young recruits to see if they have what it takes to be inducted into the secret society... a job he finds most rewarding.

Played by Felix Kamp

Newly appointed as a prestigious GrandMaster of Discipline for the highly touted yet secretive Masonic Society, Damien fits this bill to perfection. The 6’5 silver fox has got ice water coursing through his veins. Tolerating nothing less than immaculate behavior and piety from every single Apprentice, GrandMaster Oaks is a delightfully terrifying figure when his primal ire is induced.

Greatly admired and respected by the local Masonic chapter as well as the International Masons, Oaks uses his fame and notoriety to his maximum pleasure. Administering severely sexy discipline to a sinful Apprentice gets the mighty elder’s carnal juices flowing; and once those delightfully fiery eyes are locked onto a naughty boy- they know full well that the disciplinary action that follows will be a bed-rocking revival one could never forget!

Played by President Oaks
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