Featuring: Felix Kamp and Marcus Ryan
April 05, 2021 | 21 mins | HD 1080p | 35 photos

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Marcus was very pious by nature. He’d always looked to the church and scriptures for guidance and truth. While others his age were obsessed with social media and reality TV, he kept his mind focused on what he felt was more important: his soul and the pursuit of a higher purpose.

Though he came from a more religious family, Marcus proved to be the most commited of his siblings to the church’s teachings. He even spent hours of personal time looking for more answers, studying history and scripture to unlock what he felt was the true meaning of faith. This dedication did not go unnoticed.

Master Kamp attended ...[Read more]

Master Kamp attended the same church as Marcus. As a prominent member of the community, he would keep an eye out for young talent that could be well placed in the Masonic order. Needless to say, religious types are hungry for guidance and ritual, making them prime candidates for initiation.

The older man was well aware of Marcus’ spiritual devotion, observing that there was never a time when Master Kamp was present that Marcus was not there. Whether it was a Sunday or an evening, Marcus was practicing his faith with unrelenting determination.

Some boys had a calling to be in the clergy, but Master Kamp knew that for some others, it was a reaction to a deep conflict. Marcus was a handsome young man with cleancut features and a beautiful smile, but the boy’s brow was always furrowed in doubt. The only time Master Kamp ever recalled him looking relaxed was when he was in the presence of some of the more handsome men of the church… seeming to lighten up and even, dare he say, flirt.

Kamp thought it would be wise to bring the young man in for an interview, curious to see if his suspicions were correct. He thought someone of Marcus’ dedication and obedience would be a perfect fit for the brotherhood… all he needed was a little persuasion.

Marcus was a little surprised when Master Kamp asked to see him. Marcus knew of Kamp’s background and history, aware of his influence and public power. It wasn’t uncommon for older men in the church to want to mentor and offer guidance for the younger men, so Marcus willingly and happily made the time. Once the two were seated, however, Marcus became markedly less comfortable.

“Have you ever been attracted to another boy?”

Marcus immediately tensed up. It was clear he didn’t want to talk about it, or even acknowledge it within himself. But he needed to give an answer. Stammering, Marcus avoided eye contact with the older man and said no.

Despite Marcus’ body language showing his discomfort, Kamp did not hold back. He continued to probe him, asking about his moral standing with things like pornography, masturbation, even simply having thoughts of same sex attraction. Marcus began to visibly sweat, becoming dangerously close to dampening his fine white dress shirt.

Master Kamp challenged him, saying that it was important he be honest with him and that the church will know if he’s lying. Marcus ran his sweaty palms over his dress pants, showing his nervousness, but he continued to deny any such feelings or attraction. When asked if Marcus would be willing to prove it, Marcus agreed, not questioning what kind of test it would be.

Master Kamp told him to remove his clothes, stripping down to his underwear. Marcus was thrown off, not expecting to have such an invasive test of his character. He felt a little trapped, knowing that the older man was calling his sexual orientation into question and needing an answer. If he declined, he could report his hesitation to the church and his family. But the young man was terrified that Master Kamp would discern the truth about him… a truth even he hadn’t really fully considered.

The older man tied Marcus’ hands behind his back, sitting him down in his chair with nothing covering him but his thin, translucent undergarments. Marcus felt himself get scared, concerned for what Master Kamp would do and what he would learn. And then, like it was some terrible joke of fate, he felt his cock begin to swell between his legs.

Master Kamp could see it as plainly as the anxious look on Marcus’ face. The boy’s erection stood straight, causing his underwear to tent. The material was so sheer that the older man could practically see every ridge and detail of his member through the cloth. It was almost an insult to intelligence to think of it as a garment of any modesty, but it was the only thing that kept Marcus from being completely exposed.

“What’s this?” Kamp asked, tapping the boy’s cock with his knuckles. The older man knew exactly what was going on, but wanted to see how Marcus would react. The boy didn’t even answer, turning his head away in shame and embarrassment. Kamp was amused, seeing that he was aroused by simply the thought of being stripped next to another man. He didn’t let the boy off the hook, though. He wanted to have some fun with him and see just how far he’d be willing to go in his obedience.

Master Kamp began to feel around his body, caressing his inner thighs, creeping up toward his genitals, going so far as to lift up his shirt and feel his stomach and chest. The boy was gifted with a natural athletic physique, clearly having spent more time in his prayer book than in a gym and still having a trim, defined body. His smooth skin made him appear all the more innocent, making his boyish reservations even more enticing.

When Kamp put his hand in the boy’s underwear, Marcus looked away, not wanting to see his own penis in the hand of another man. So deep was his repression that even as his cock throbbed and leaked between Master Kamp’s fingers, he wouldn’t indulge himself in the satisfaction of bearing witness to his own arousal.

Master Kamp did not hold back. He continued to play with Marcus’ cock, feeling it getting harder as he moved from simple fondling to stroking.

“You’re enjoying this,” Master Kamp said firmly. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement of fact. His deep, masculine voice echoed around the room, reverberating back at Marcus. The boy couldn’t help but moan as the older man manipulated his loins, playing with him and making him even more aroused.

The young man tried to deny himself the pleasure, but it became too strong to silence. Before long, the physical sensation overwhelmed his thoughts, preventing him from guarding his virtue. He didn’t want to like it, but he did. Very much. And with each stroke of his penis, he could feel the older man’s power over him.

As strange as it was, he felt like it was OK. As long as he was in the hands of Master Kamp, it wasn’t his fault that it felt good. After all, what could he do? He was bound to his chair, enduring the intense pleasure of his throbbing cock being milked.

He felt like something was building up inside him. An urge or a force that he couldn’t control. He tried to keep it down, not wanting it to end, but he knew there was a firework inside him about to go off. He was nervous, but he could see Kamp’s eyes locking on his. Kamp wanted him to go for it. He was pushing him to go for it.

Marcus closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of his cock being worked, thinking of Master Kamp and his power and his handsome face. He thought about Master Kamp kissing him, touching him inside, even—.

Just then, Marcus felt it. An eruption from deep inside. He felt the burst of hot fluid from his cock, pouring out cum all over his stomach and over Master Kamp’s fingers. It dripped down, icing him like it was fine confection. The air smelled like spring flowers and sex, sweaty and full of his special stuff. He felt like he was floating, flying off the chair and held in place only by Kamp’s hand.

It felt so amazing, but within seconds, he realized what he’d done. He’d just orgasmed and cum in front of Master Kamp. He’d just experienced a same-sex arousal with a member of his own church! He knew he’d have to be punished for it and feared what Master Kamp would do. But before the full weight of it all settled into his mind, he felt something new that was just concerning: He knew he wanted to do it again...


Master Kamp is a handsome man of great authority. A pillar in the community with a deep, booming voice and rugged good looks. He is known by all as a great man of character and true leader. But what most don't know about him is the power he holds in a secret, Masonic society.

Master Kamp is incredibly influential in helping guide young men to their full potential. He's very aware of their needs and their struggles, helping them traverse their own insecurities and anxieties by discovering the power of their own submission. Nothing makes him more proud than seeing a handsome, driven young man kneel and obey, putting the needs of his superiors before himself.

He's often tasked with interviewing young recruits to see if they have what it takes to be inducted into the secret society... a job he finds most rewarding.

Played by Felix Kamp

Played by Marcus Ryan
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