Featuring: Dillon Stone, Mike Edge and Noah White
May 27, 2024 | 26 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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I dunno if I’m ready to call Mike my boyfriend. That all feels a bit too grown up for my liking. Don’t get me wrong; he’s a great guy, and he’s pretty amazing in the sack, but I can’t quite get away from that nagging feeling that I’m destined to be with an older guy. I still get these intense crushes on the Scoutmasters. I can’t help myself. My first two sexual experiences were with Scoutmasters and both encounters pretty much blew my mind. Obviously I’m trying to behave myself these days. Since things started with Mike, I’ve placed older men in the “you can look but not touch” category. But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing…

My latest crush is on Scoutmaster Stone. I can barely look at him, he's so handsome. He’s tall and masculine and he looks great in a uniform. For some reason he always wears jeans instead of standard-issue pants, probably because his legs are too well-developed to fit into anything else. His jeans literally cling to his thighs like he’s been poured into them, and he’s plainly packing some serious meat down there. I could write novels based on the fantasies I’ve had about him.

Mike and I ...[Read more]

Mike and I had a bit of free time this afternoon and thought we’d dust off our orienteering skills using the compass I got for Christmas. I think we were both kinda hoping we’d find ourselves somewhere secluded where we’d be able to make out. It’s kinda cool to do it in the woods. There’s always the risk that you’re gonna get caught and the feeling of a cool spring breeze tickling your naked body is one which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Of course, I managed to ruin everything. We were no more than half-a-mile away from camp when I slipped on some gravel, fell into a ditch and twisted my ankle. It hurt like hell, and for a few minutes I thought I might have broken something. Mike immediately went into practical mode and helped me back to the camp. Jeez, I felt ashamed. And of course, the first person to see me looking like a tragic failure was Scoutmaster Stone…

I wanted the earth to swallow me up whole. I have been trying my absolute hardest to impress that man, and limping into camp like a clown, yelling in agony is not exactly the best look. Once he got me sitting in his tent and had sent Mike off to get the first aid kit, I realized that his presence was actually really calming.

In fact, it pretty quickly became clear that I was more in a panic than I was in actual pain. He was very gentle with me and immediately removed my shoe, carefully squeezing parts of me to assess what was wrong. The more he touched me, the more I think we both realized that physically, I was fine. There was no swelling, the pain was dissipating. I started to feel like a real jerk.

To make matters worse, it soon became clear that Scoutmaster Stone was struggling to believe that I’d even had an accident and I had to acknowledge that I was rapidly beginning to look like the boy who cried wolf. Mike, of course, came hurtling back to the tent with the first aid kit looking like he’d just run a marathon. Scoutmaster Stone rolled his eyes, muttering something about knowing what was going on and telling Mike we wouldn’t be needing the kit because I was just fine.

One moment, I was feeling ashamed, waiting for some awful lecture about wasting a grown-man’s time and the next, Scoutmaster Stone was leaning into me and kissing me with intense passion.

My head immediately started spinning. On one hand, this was the very thing I’d fantasized about for months; on the other, Mike was right there, watching me be unfaithful to him with a freakin’ Scoutmaster! I couldn’t get my head around how bold Stone was. I mean, I know I’ve been giving him the eye, and no doubt blushing like crazy every time he looked back at me, but to make a pass so god damned quickly, and in front of Mike… The must have somehow known we’d been seeing each other.

As we kissed, I saw Scoutmaster Stone making brief eye-contact with Mike and the next thing I knew, Mike had shuffled over to me and was unbuttoning my shirt, seemingly not at all phased by what was happening. Scoutmaster Stone pulled away from me, and I looked over at Mike who had a big, dirty grin on his face. My heart started to pound with excitement.

Scoutmaster Stone was soon leaning over me, kissing me hungrily, pulling Mike’s hands onto my body. Moments later I was kissing Mike. There was suddenly something so incredibly sexy about him. The fact that he was taking the whole situation in his stride was hot as hell and it made me fucking horny. I started to undress him. I wanted him naked. Scoutmaster Stone was kneeling next to us, stripping while watching us make. I wanted to give him the mother of all floor shows.

I broke away from Mike and started attending to the Scoutmaster’s bulge, fumbling to unbuckle his leather belt before unzipping his jeans and pulling his rock-hard dick out of his pants. It was every bit as beautiful and impressive as I’d imagined. I squatted down and started to suck it. It tasted amazing. I could feel Mike’s hand running down the back of my shorts, over my ass cheeks and towards my hole. As I sucked the Scoutmaster’s dick, I could sense that he was looking at Mike and smiling. It’s weird to say that I felt a bit jealous, but I did. The idea that they were secretly communicating made me feel a little paranoid but I pushed those thoughts aside and focussed on giving Scoutmaster Stone the most awesome blow job. Judging by his moans and groans, I was doing an okay job. I fought the will to choke with every part of my body while he whispered “just keep your mouth on it…”


Scoutmaster Stone is the ultimate DILF; gray-haired, tanned, muscular and authoritative. There’s a sternness about him. He doesn’t suffer fools and he’s not easily impressed. This, of course, makes the boys desperate to please him. But they need to be careful what they wish for. Underneath that beautifully-turned-out uniform is a giant weapon, which would have even the most hardened bottom begging for mercy!

Played by Dillon Stone

This cute, dark-featured boy, comes across as a little clumsy and geeky. He’s always been a good boy. He likes books, snakes and computer code. What no one knows is that, lurking underneath the plain exterior is a kinky, red-hot lover with a massive dick!

Played by Mike Edge

Scout Noah always gets nervous and tongue-tied when he sees a handsome older man. He’s always been into dudes and usually finds himself drawn to the more vintage models, but has always been too scared to act on his lustful impulses. It’s only a matter of time before this ticking time bomb explodes, however. Noah comes in THE cutest little package; blonde hair, innocent blue eyes, a tidy little body and a surprisingly big dick. He turns heads wherever he goes.

Played by Noah White
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