Featuring: Cole Blue and Dale Savage
March 03, 2022 | 19 mins | HD 1080p | 26 photos

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I’ve spent so much time lately trying to work out who I am and where I’m heading with this masonic journey. To be quite honest, I find myself feeling more confused the further I progress with my training.

The Grandmasters can be incredibly warm and encouraging but then the wind seems to change and they’re suddenly cold and harsh. I can’t work out if it’s because I’m doing well and they want to push me, or because they think I’m useless and need to be punished.

The harder I ...[Read more]

The harder I try, the more I seem to wind up in that weird white room with god knows what being shoved into me. Maybe they’re just testing my limits? Maybe they’ll stop when I eventually say no? But I love the attention. I love what they do to me and I don’t want it to stop.

Grandmaster Savage called me in for my Second Anointing earlier this week. He took me into the white room, got me sitting on a table in just my underwear, and then made me watch as he slowly removed his pure white jacket and tie. Then he knelt down, rolled up his shirt sleeves, and started gently rubbing oil into my feet. It felt profoundly erotic.

Savage confuses me more than any of the Grandmasters. He can be both incredibly gentle and massively brutal and that really turns me on. I get so horny with him. It may well have something to do with his age, or the suits he wears, or the fact that he always seems so completely in control.

He teases me. He makes me wait. He gets me to a stage where my dick feels like it’s gonna explode and I’m just desperate to take him…

So, he told me to kneel on the table and started to remove my under-garments, ritualistically massaging a mystical infusion of oils into my chest. Of course, it felt incredible. As his hands glided over me, I realized I was shaking uncontrollably. I could feel how much he wanted me, how much he desired me and I liked it. I wanted to be the only boy who made him feel like that.

He continued to massage me, across my back, and over my butt cheeks while stripping down to his undergarments. They’re regulation wear for everyone here and I guess the long-legged shorts look a little old-fashioned but I get hard every time I put them on; largely because they’re made from a very light and loose fabric which is basically see-through, but also because I’ve started to associate the feel of the fabric with extreme sexual satisfaction.

Grandmaster Savage was definitely tenting in his shorts as he climbed onto the bed and knelt behind me. And when he started to push his dick, still inside the shorts, against my hole, my head started pounding with excitement. I genuinely thought for a moment that he was gonna fuck me with the fabric still stretched over his dick!

He started playing with my cock, which was rock hard and ready to bust. He pulled it back between my legs and started to suck it, which nearly blew my mind. Then he stripped naked and that thick monster dick of his sprung out like a jack-in-a-box.

Within seconds he was sliding that beautiful tool of his in and out of my twitching sphincter. I know it sounds crazy, but I kinda feel complete when he’s inside me. It’s like he pumps me full of power, making me realize my value and strength. It’s a wonderful feeling. And the harder and faster he goes, the more I want it…

He grunts like a gorilla, then grits his teeth until his face turns scarlet with the effort of slamming his muscular body into me. I like that I bring out the savage in him; it’s so utterly different from the refined and demure person he presents to the rest of the world.

More than anything, however, I love how he smells. He wears what has to be an incredibly expensive scent. His breath always smells minty. But there’s an underlying, almost addictive, hint of masculine, sweaty sex on his body…

He ordered me onto my back, pushed my legs high into the air and continued to fuck me. The experience entirely took my breath away and left me helpless to do anything but gasp and beat my dick as the pleasure of his penis pulsed through my boy.

I could feel the semen tingling in my balls and then rising up the shaft of my dick as he continued to bang me relentlessly. And then, suddenly, I could feel my body convulsing and a great wave of ecstasy spewing from my loins and up through my body. I shot hard and squirted big. The jizz pulsed out of the tip of my dick to the rhythm of his strokes.

Seconds later, I could feel him ramping up and then he roared and I could feel his juices gushing into me like the most amazing gift. Every time I see him, I feel I’m a little closer to becoming a man.


Apprentice Blue is tall, blue eyed, and as classically handsome as they get. He is also ambitious, driven and wise beyond his years. Any father would love a man like Cole for his daughter… but Cole would likely go for the father instead.

In The Order, there are plenty of hot daddies, all of them ready to test Cole’s loyalty and commitment. Cole is more than ready to serve every Master exactly as The Order requires him to by letting them get deep inside him. With every new test, Cole’s devotion to the Order only gets deeper.

Played by Cole Blue

No one is sure how old The Order is, but those in the higher echelons have the closest understanding to its true nature. Grandmaster Savage comes from a multi-generational lineage: His grandfather participated in his first initiation and he has reason to think that at least his great grandfather was a member as well. As such, Grandmaster Savage is almost fanatically devoted to The Order and its aims and philosophy. He knows from personal experience what a positive impact the Order can have on the young men fortunate enough to be chosen to join its ranks.

Earlier in his life, Grandmaster Savage was married but the demands of a time consuming, successful career, combined with his commitments to The Order, kept him away from home too much. The secretive nature of The Order, whose rituals he could not share outside the organization, resulted in a divorce he both understood and accepted. These are just some of the sacrifices one must make for higher purposes.

Played by Dale Savage
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