Featuring: Jack Andram and Mitch Cox
April 15, 2021 | 16 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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Coach Cox didn’t want any trouble. His commitment to his players was deep, but he saw them truly as athletes in his charge, nothing more. As much as he admired their youthful spirits, athletic bodies, and strong sex drives, he didn’t want to betray their trust or his position by crossing any lines.

He wasn’t dumb, though. It was hard not to notice the players coming back from the other coaches’ offices with a smile on their face, sweaty and flushed as if they’d just had an exhaustive practice, even when he knew their schedule was clear. At first he naively thought they were just providing more one-on-one coaching, but more than once he saw a little bit of liquid on his companion’s faces showing they’d performed a different kind of service.

He wasn’t mad. ...[Read more]

He wasn’t mad. It just wasn’t his style. He was more reserved and burdened with a sense of responsibility. And despite flirty looks from some of his more active players, he managed to keep his head focused on sportsmanship, athleticism, and proper mentorship.

Even when handsome young jock Jack propositioned him in their supply room, Cox was reluctant to go along. Coach Cox was doing his regular work of returning equipment after a practice, focused only on his job, when the lean stud came in looking for some cameras. Cox knew exactly why he wanted them, insisting that he wanted nothing to do with the after-hours tomfoolery.

Despite his rejection, Jack could tell the older man could be swayed. Even before Jack grabbed his crotch, he could see the coach’s eyes sneaking glances at it again and again. Jack was wearing particularly well-fitting underwear that made his bulge distractingly noticeable whenever he wore athletic shorts. He knew exactly what he was doing. And when he gave his junk a little tug, Coach Cox’ mouth fell agape and he practically drooled.

“No one needs to know…” Jack smiled. His boyish grin and dimples gave him an irresistible, impish quality, making Coach Cox weak to his charms.

He couldn’t deny he’d thought about seeing Jack naked before, even sneaking sniffs of his musky jock whenever he found it loose in the locker room. Cox wanted to stick to his principles and just say no, but the opportunity was surprisingly perfect. Jack was eager, they were completely alone, and no one needed to ever find out. It had been a while since Cox had sucked the cock of a beautiful young man, and his mouth watered thinking of it being so close.

Cox turned to leave, thinking he’d be able to just walk out and forget this happened. Instead, he felt his fingers turn the lock, giving them ultimate privacy to explore each other’s bodies.

Within seconds, Coach Cox’s nervous, trembling hands were pulling down the boy’s shorts and underwear, giving him a view of Jack’s cock. Even only half hard, the meaty member was thick and veiny, warm to the touch, and silky smooth. His heavy nuts hung low between his legs, tempting Cox to reach out and touch them. He gave them a gentle squeeze as his mouth closed in on his shaft, taking it to the back of his throat as he exhaled.

Cox closed his eyes. It felt so good. And the boy tasted amazing. He breathed through his nose, not wanting to let his lips let go of Jack’s manhood. He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but now that he’d tasted his cock, he didn’t want it to stop.

Jack watched as the older man worshipped him. He felt himself get harder with each gulp of his shaft, moving to the back of his throat and getting devoured. He pulled his shirt over his head, giving his coach the chance to see his smooth, toned, athletic frame. His flat stomach and firm chest were absolute perfection, making the older man’s cock practically burst out of his shorts.

As much as Cox could have worshipped his shaft and nuts all day, Jack had other plans. Pulling down the older man’s shorts, the jock asserted his control of the situation, directing his coach on all fours and to show his hole. Cox felt his heart race, thrilled and stunned by the young man’s dominance. Jack was definitely no first timer when it came to fucking an older man.

Jack stroked his cock, spitting on the tip to get it good and wet while playing with Cox’s ass. It was smooth and round, well developed and hungry. Coach Cox arched his back, indicating his desire even as his head remained somewhat conflicted. He knew he shouldn’t, but being so close to being penetrated, he didn’t have the strength or will to stop it.

Jack positioned his cock just right and gently pushed it up against Cox’s hole. It was hard and warm, slick with a mix of his and Cox’ saliva. Jack gave his cock a little push and felt his coach’s hole open to receive him.

Coach Cox let out a moan deep from inside, as if he’d just put down a big weight and could finally relax. The tension and pressure of staying virtuous was more than he could handle, and now, feeling the boy’s big, throbbing cock puncture through his walls and hole, he felt a relief that was unlike anything else.

Jack held onto his hips, sliding in and out of his sphincter, digging deep into his guts and pulling back out, feeling the older man yield to him and enjoy his cock. He saw his big balls hanging down, rocking back and forth with each thrust.

Jack could tell that his coach needed it just as much as he did. He knew he was going to fuck him hard and fill him up with his load, but he wanted to make sure he got the older man off, too. After all, it was Jack who was hoping to recruit Cox for his own league of amazing daddy bottoms!


Jack started participating in sports because he wanted the kind of attention he saw bigger, burlier guys getting. Little did he know that those bigger, burlier guys secretly wanted a guy like Jack to put them in their places! Once he knew their secret, though, Jack was more than eager to give those jocks what they wanted: him, hard and raw. The look of unbridled lust on his face is enough to make every bottom shoot, and his dick piston-fucking them will finish the job!

Played by Jack Andram

Coach Cox is quieter than the others. He's felt a little lost since his divorce, and he relies on his athletes to keep him focused. He admires the young, sexy players:They're at the peak of their lives, with big, swinging cocks and a passion for hot sex. He knows that being fucked hard by a young stud would shake him from his slump, and fortunately for him, the young jocks he coaches are more than happy to do their coach a favor!

Played by Mitch Cox
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