Featuring: Dr. Wolf, Mr. Snow and their boys Serg and Noah
June 14, 2024 | 27 mins | HD 1080p | 20 photos

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It’s Father’s Day and Serg and Noah have spent the morning shopping for gifts for their dads. Noah even found his dad, Professor Snow, a little Teddy bear wearing a T-shirt that says “Best Dad Ever.”

Of course, the thing every dad really wants for Father’s Day is to leave a hot sticky load of daddy juice deep in his loving son’s ass. Even if he’s lucky enough to do that every day, it’s never often enough, and nothing says “I love you” like letting your dad have your hole.

Dr. Wolf and ...[Read more]

Dr. Wolf and Mr. Snow have been friends since college. Life has taken them in many directions, but they always stayed close. Dr. Wolf got out of med school and went to Kyiv to volunteer for Doctors Without Borders; Mr. Snow took a job as an associate professor at a university several states away from his hometown. Through all of the twists and turns that life offered, they never lost touch, though, and always found opportunities to spend time together.

Even though both of them were at the gay end of bisexual, they had realized early on that they were better as dear friends than as lovers. Both men wanted kids and, at that time, if a man wanted children he needed to find a woman to marry. Both men found women that they could honestly love and tied the knot. Fine young sons were quickly produced.

Mr. Snow had never told his wife about his interest in men. Unfortunately, when she found out, she did not take it well. She took their son Noah and moved out, filing for a divorce a few days later. Even though they had joint custody, Noah’s mother made it as difficult as possible for the professor to spend time with his son, and his duties at the university added further complexities.

Everything changed a few years ago. Mr. Snow was offered a tenure track position at his alma mater, giving him the chance to move back to his old hometown where Dr. Wolf had been practicing medicine since his return from Europe. He and Dr. Wolf were able to finally rekindle the friendship that they had back in college.

Mr. Snow’s son Noah has reached the age to be able to choose which parent he wanted to live with and, having recently discovered his own gay inclinations, chose his father. Mr. Snow was overjoyed to have the opportunity to make up for some of the lost time with his son. As much as he loved his son, and as cute as he thought the boy was, he had never let the idea of having sex with Noah cross his mind, until it just kind of happened.

Around the same time, Dr. Wolf had a young man come into his life as well. His brother, Cain, went to Ukraine on business. While he was staying in Kyiv, he picked up a very handsome young man for an evening of hot sex in his hotel room. The next morning in a most bizarre coincidence, he discovered that Serg, his young play toy, was also his nephew, and a son that his brother presumably didn’t know existed.

When Dr. Wolf met the long lost son, the mutual attraction between them had been immediate and undeniable. Against Dr. Wolf’s better judgment, they had fallen into bed within an hour of first meeting. In hindsight, the doctor didn’t regret it for a second and didn’t waste any opportunity for them to indulge their mutual attraction.

For two men as close as Dr. Wolf and Mr. Snow, it was impossible to keep a secret as big as their incestuous relationships with their sons away from each other forever. Lowering their guard was awkward at first, but the payoff was worth it. With their encouragement, their sons have become best friends, and the two men have added a whole new dimension to their friendship (as well as having access to another boy to fuck.)

The two men had spent the morning watching an early game on TV while Serg and Noah were out shopping. They were not exactly surprised when their sons came in proudly carrying Father’s Day gift bags.

There wasn’t much about their sons that didn’t turn the two men on, but this adorable gesture of affection sent their lust into overdrive. Their eyes met and they knew exactly what they wanted to do. The gifts could wait. The gift these men wanted from their sons wasn’t in a bag.

They quickly pulled the sexy boys over their laps and just as quickly pulled those shorts off, revealing the cutest sexiest butts either man had ever seen.

The sight was too good to resist and both men dove between soft, firm cheeks, their tongues searching for tight sweet boy holes. Tongues were followed by fingers digging in deep and opening the boys up for the fat cocks that would be plundering those sexy holes soon. The obedient, horny, boys happily submitted to their father’s desires, arching their backs for better access, and voicing seductive moans of encouragement.

The men gave their boys a chance to worship the cocks that made them. It wasn’t long at all before the dads were balls deep enjoying the best gift a son can give a man: sitting on his lap working his cock with their tight velvety holes.

After fucking the boys for a while, the two men swapped boys and then raced each other to orgasm breeding those tight hungry holes deep with generous loads of daddy juice. Father’s Day just doesn't get better than that.


Prof. Snow is trying his best to be a good father, despite the challenges life has thrown at him. After his wife left him, he found himself a single parent to a young man. Mr. Snow never realized how much time he devoted to his work as a college professor until he found out how much he didn’t know about his son’s personal life. He wants to be a greater part of his son’s world, but he doesn’t know where to even begin. Until Noah’s curiosity presents an opportunity.

Played by Adam Snow

Dr. Wolf loves his boy. Spending all day in the office, seeing patients of all kinds, he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. He's always had the desire to be with him more intimately, but never quite knowing how to broach that subject. He sees the glances at the dinner table, coming out of the shower, and in the gym, but still not sure that he can make the first move. He's met some patients with similar inclinations, giving him a little more courage to explore his relationship. The tall, handsome, hung man can and has been able to sleep with almost anyone he wants, but the ultimate prize is own boy, Jonathan.

Played by Legrand Wolf

Noah has always admired his dad’s drive to succeed. Being a professor’s son always made him feel like he was in the best position to absorb knowledge and wisdom, even if Mr. Snow wasn’t always around or focused on his son. Not old did Noah admire his old man’s intelligence, but he was always struck by how handsome he was as well. Once it became just the two of them, Noah hoped to get to know him even better. And his curiosity got the better of him…

Played by Noah White

Meet Serg: a stunning, handsome man with a boyish countenance and an enigmatic grin. In the orchestra of Kyiv's nightlife, he's the sought-after melody, pursuing fleeting connections with older men in any way he can. His playful charisma attracts admirers like moths to light.

One such hook-up was with Cain Marko. Serg most definitely had the hots for daddies, so when he saw a hot businessman from the US show up in one of his apps, he messaged the dude straightaway. However, Serg couldn’t help but shake the feeling that Cain looked familiar. Perhaps… too familiar.

Played by Serg Shepard
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